24 CM Bar Tool Muddler Durable and Ribbed for Crushing ice, Fruits, Berries, Sugar, Spices, and Herbs

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It is essential to have this cocktail muddler to make your desired drink on any day of the week.

  • Material- ABS Plastic, food-grade, food-safe, durable, ribbed, sturdy, B.P.A free, break-resistant, smooth, safe.
  • Durable – Our muddlers are made with ABS plastic. The ABS plastic is a material that is deemed safe for the purpose of food and drink processing. It also has inherent resistances that maintain its durability. Finally, it is extremely easy to clean the professional muddler bar tool. All bartender needs to do is simply wash it and then let it dry for any upcoming services. It is a much stronger plastic that makes our muddlers very durable. You’ll be using these for years to come.
  • Muddlers – The muddler is an ideal bartending tools that also helps bartenders prepare different drinks. Use the muddlers to mash ingredients like ice, herbs, spices, sugar, and berries. One end is ribbed, with this end conveniently being used to smash ice, fruits and berries. The other end has a smooth surface that is used to easily crush sugar and spices. The mashed and crushed ingredients can then be added to a variety of drinks.
  • Efficiency in Your Hands – Certain cocktails require some amount of effort to put together. Mixing drinks is a work in precision and speed. Bartenders want to mix it well and get the flavor just right, while also making sure it is quickly served so other customers can be served. With the muddler, bartenders gain an efficiency that allows them to prepare drinks faster and better. Constant efficiency in the bar allows you to contribute more to the success of your bar.
  • Color- Black
  • Size- Height 24 CM – Diameter 3 CM

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