31 CM, Non-Stick Silicone Whisk

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The Silicone Non-Stick Whisk is highly usable for every day usage in your kitchen and cooking and baking processes.

  • Material- Silicone, B.P.A free, non-stick, smooth, safe, soft, flexible, heat-resistant.
  • Firm and Versatile- The silicone material is the perfect durability for a firmer whisk, the utensil makes cooking easy and enjoyable, the whisk can be used for an egg whisk or vinaigrette whisk, but it is highly versatile for many different uses.
  • Non-Damage- It is the best whisk for whisking sauces on the stove or in the oven without damaging your expensive non-stick pans.
  • Best for Baking- The silicone whisk is a especially a favorite choice for baking and cooking in your kitchen, the non-stick nature of the whisk helps you stir your raw dough or cake batter while you are in the baking process.
  • Non-Stick Whisk- The whisk is heat resistant so you can mix and stir directly in hot pans, it’s non-stick friendly to protect your expensive pots and pans, it is smooth, non-stick is highly durable in your kitchen for easy baking and cooking.
  • Easy to Clean- The non-stick, smooth, silicone surface makes sure that the food will not stick on the whisk, it is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.
  • Package contains-1 silicone whisk
  • Color- Red, Blue, Green
  • Size- Height- 31 CM

After-Sales Service- If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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