2000 W, Professional Vertical Adjustable Garment Steamer with Wheels, 3.6 L

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If you need a fast and quick way to steam your clothing in a suitable and portable way, the Professional Vertical Adjustable Garment Steamer with Wheels is perfect for your daily usage, it is essential for the ironing and disinfecting of your clothes from bacteria through steam.

  • Capacity- 3.6 L
  • Material- High quality structured Plastic, B.P.A free, lead-free, non-toxic, odorless, Stainless Steel Support Rods, strong, durable, sturdy
  • Strong Steam- Use high temperature steam with 2000 W power to iron clothes, sterilize the surface of clothes, remove bacteria and make your clothes more hygienic and safe though the disinfecting process of the steamer, it has continuous steam generation so you can have constant steam power.
  • Automatic Control Heating- The steamer protects itself from over-heating using the automatic control heating system inside the body.
  • Highly Convenient Water Tank- The water tank has a large water tank capacity, it is easy to add water so that you have continuous steam power.
  • Adjustable Support Rod- The adjustable height support rod is full of durable, structured stainless steel design and convenient for later storage, so that the users can adjust the height according to their needs.
  • Versatile- Professional clothing stores and home owners alike can use the steamer to achieve wrinkle-free, smooth clothing.
  • Installation procedure- See manual for Installation procedure.
  • Voltage-  220V -240V
  • Power- 2000 W
  • Temperature (Nozzle Vapor) – 98°  C
  • Package Contains- 1x Spare Head, 1x Holding Hanger, 1x Holding Nips, 1x Steam Hose, 1x Telescopic Pole, 1x Steam Pipe Sheath, 1x Mode Switch, 1x Indicator Light, 1x Body
  • Note- The telescopic aluminum pole is placed on the back of the foam.

After-Sales Service- If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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6 reviews

6 reviews for 2000 W, Professional Vertical Adjustable Garment Steamer with Wheels, 3.6 L

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  1. roro_988

    Its highly practical!!!! I love using it!!!

  2. tinyrina1988

    I love using this to straighten the creases and wrinkles from my garments!!!! so perfect!!!!!!

  3. aakifah_1989

    So powerful and practical!!! I love using it in my house!!!!

  4. elias_19

    The garment steamer is fast and practical!!!!

  5. aabid19

    I love it!!!! 🙂

  6. tia5260

    The garment steamer is perfect for making my garments and clothes wrinkle-free!!!! 🙂

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