350 ML Colored Cup with Lid and Straw for Kids

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The plastic, colored cup with lid and straw for kids is fun and well suited for your children, the cup is perfectly safe for your child is to enjoy drinking from and use everyday.

  • Material – High-quality BPA-free plastic, non-toxic, food-safe, odorless, durable, spill-proof, splash-proof, child-safe, child-friendly, hygienic, safe. 
  • Perfect Design- It is the ideal beverage cup for little kids on the go, the lightweight, cup designs of ice cream cone fits perfectly for your kids enjoyment and grab it around during playtime, they have fun, kid-friendly designs and the kids will enjoy carrying them, the colorful colors will appeal to children and makes going to school or going on outdoor fun time, the straws and cups that come together are highly suitable for your child’s daily life, it is perfect for school time and playtime.
  • Child-Safe – The child-proof, small hole design for easy placement of the straw reduces the chance for the kids to lose it and worry about it, after a long day of playing on the playground or spending time outside, the child can easily drink from the cup due to its child-friendly, child-safe design.
  • Cup-Holder Friendly- The kid’s cup fits in most car cupholders, stroller and car seat cupholders, the straw is attached to the cup, so it is highly spill-proof and splash proof, it is highly usable by your kid for everyday use.
  • Easy to Clean – The water bottle is easy to rinse out to clean, so you can ensure it is always hygienic and safe for your kids to drink from, all the parts can be removed separately and very easily.
  • Capacity- 350 ML
  • Colors – Green – Gray – Orange – Yellow
  • Size- Cup with Lid- Height- 23 CM -Width- 6 cm -Cup- Height- 14.5 cm -Lid- Width- 10 cm

After-Sales Service – If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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