Silicone Faucet Mat, Sink Splash Guard and Water Catcher Mat for Kitchen and Bathroom

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Are you tired of messy splashes and water spills around your sink area. To keep your kitchen and bathroom countertops dry and spotless from water stains, this mat is perfect for you.

  • Material- High quality premium Silicone, soft, flexible, water-proof, stain-resistant, tear-resistant.
  • Premium Silicone Construction- The mat is crafted from high-quality, food-grade silicone that is flexible, water proof and stain resistant, and our faucet mat is not only durable but also safe.
  • Splash Guard- The grooves of the mat act as a highly effective splash guard and keep water, a soap dish or toothpaste where they belong – in the sink. No more hassle of constantly wiping down your countertop.
  • Water Catcher- The grooves of the mat directs water back into the sink, preventing it from pooling on your countertops, this not only helps maintain a clean and dry surface but also prevents potential water damage.
  • Non-Slip Mat- The mat’s non-slip silicone structure ensures it stays firmly in place, providing stability and security even in wet conditions of the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Versatile, Wide Application-The mat can easily fit around the base of your kitchen or bathroom sink in your home or RV, and you can also put a cleaning brush, soap, sponge, soap, and mouthwash cup on this mat, it’s the perfect sink accessory.
  • Easy to Clean- Just rinse it with water or toss into the dishwasher, it dries faster and there is no need to clean or replace frequently.
  • Color- Black, Grey
  • Size- 14.5 CM X 37 CM

After-Sales Service- If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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