Stainless Steel Coffee Pot With Cover, Milk, Tea, Hot Chocolate

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250 ML
800 ML


The perfect choice for all coffee lovers, now you possess the comfort and convenience to reheat your coffee whenever you want, the high quality premium stainless steel is durable, and so your drink can be reheated whenever you wish, its compact nature is perfect for your home storage and you can use it conveniently to heat your liquids whenever you please.

  • Material- High quality Stainless Steel, B.P.A free, non-toxic, anti-rust, anti-breakage, high temperature resistant, durable.
  • Multi-Purpose- It is not only a Turkish coffee maker, but also can be a milk, butter warmer, milk frother,  heating up sauces, it can be used very practically for heating up your ingredients, trust that you will be able to use it many different ways.
  • Convenient Pot- The practical spout helps pour liquids easily, it is anti-spillage so you can trust that you will not get hot liquid on your hands, the ergonomic handle also makes sure you can carry your hot drink with comfort and ease without burning yourself, you can trust in our product, it will make you feel safe and comfortable using it on a daily basis.
  • Capacity- 250 ML – 800 ML
  • Size- Large- 12 CM X 10.5 CM – Small- 9 CM X 7.5 CM
  • Color- Silver

After-Sales Service – If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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