4 in 1 Multifunctional Jar Opener with Twist Grippers for Kitchen Jars, Cans, Juice Bottles

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Is that lid too tough to open? get the opener to help you! it helps you with any jar, can, or beverage lid, it’s super easy and functional!

  • Material- PP Plastic, B.P.A free, non-slip, high-resistant, durable, strong, sturdy, eco-friendly.
  • 4-in-1 Jar Lid Opener- The jar opener is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use with 4 different twist grippers, the multiple sizes fit most jar or bottle lid or cap, ensure your safety even if your hands are wet, there are no worries about not being able to open a jar if you have weak hands or are a arthritis sufferer, this kitchen friend help you open even the most stubborn jar and bottle lids!
  • Different Sizes- It comes with different sized grippers, which can be used to open small 5-7.5 cm lids, medium 5-7.5 cm size lid to a large size lid 8.5 cm-7.5 cm.
  • Non-Slip Jar Opener- This is made of high-quality food-grade PP Plastic and TPE that is non-slip and has high resistance that can help you open a jar or bottle easily, the inner gripper pads provides superior grip when opening stubborn jars and prevents objects from sliding even with wet hands.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Tools- With this innovative opener, eliminate rags, knives, banging, hot water, and other unnecessary opening methods, just save your hands the pain and stress from breaking the factory seal on jars and lids and use the opener!
  • Easy to Use- Place the opener on any lid using the right size, turn it around and easily open the jar seal, it won’t slip and saves you a lot of effort, moreover, it makes us avoid the risk of using a knife to open the lid and lower the chance of hurting your hand!
  • Color- Green, Orange, Red
  • Size- 22 cm x 8.5 cm

After-Sales Service- If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.


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