Bamboo Utensil Set, Set of 4

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The Bamboo Utensil Set is highly usable in your everyday life in the kitchen, use it durably in all your cooking processes, it helps you cook the chopped ingredients in the cooking pot, the utensils for the kitchen of the home are very helpful and multifunctional as well as stand up to the demands of everyday cooking in the home.

  • Material- Bamboo, eco-friendly, natural, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, scalding resistant
  • Heat Resistant- The bamboo material is durable and fast-growing, and it is heat and stain resistant so that you can mix in a hot bowl and let your cooking stay smooth and seamless, it helps you resist scalding your hands when you are mixing in a hot bowl.
  • Perfect For Gifting- The set is a great gift for a family party or neighbor meeting, its a perfect gift for you to improve social relationships and bonding through the perfect, home-making gift in the form of a bamboo utensil set .
  • Hygienic and Safe- The set is made of 100% totally natural bamboo and it’s totally hygienic for it to contact food directly.
  • High-Quality Bamboo Materials- The set is made of 100% natural bamboo and it’s also heat and stain-resistant, the bamboo utensils have great heat insulation and protect your hands from scalding.
  • Package Contains- Bamboo Utensils Holder, Bamboo Fork, Bamboo Spatula, Bamboo Spoon

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