Crescent Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp, 2-3 kg

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For wonderful Zen and healing in the place of your home, use the Himalayan Salt Moon Lamp with Classic Wood Base to offer a soft, lunar pink glow to your home, convert light energy to a peaceful, carefree atmosphere, it will help bring you mental healing and psychological serenity to your being, the peaceful glow of the Himalayan Salt Moon Lamp with an elegant touch of the Classic Wood Base offers an interesting touch to your home.

  • Material- 100% Himalayan pink salt, stress-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, purifying, eco-friendly, resistant to toxins, natural wood, durable, strong, long lasting.
  • Features- The Himalayan Salt Moon Lamp is a natural ionizer, they can change the electrical charge of the circulating natural minerals in the air, the high quality pure Himalayan salt made of 96% and 99% of sodium chloride with varying amounts of trace minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and sulfate all at safe levels below 1%, the Himalayan salt moon lamp produces ions that attract water particles that evaporates as a salt solution when heated by the lamp, forming mostly negative ions, helping to freshen and purify the air, the adjustable brightness uses the dimmer switch allows you to fully adjust the warmth and glow of your bulb, held durably inside the bulb holder, the light can be dimmed and adjusted according to your taste.
  • Benefits- Heated Himalayan salt relieves stress and improves the mental health of the user, it balances the body ph of the user, the calming, air purifying nature of the Himalayan salt gives a cooler air, it has benefits of calming you while you sleep, improving your sleep quality, the calm aura of the Himalayan salt moon lamp regulates your blood sugar, as Himalayan salt contains a high amount of natural iodine, creating an electrolyte balance in your body, your body has an easier time processing it as it contains less sodium than normal salt, the Himalayan salt has anti-bacterial properties on your body and purifies the air with anti-microbial properties, giving you a better sleep, and a regulated body gives you a calmer, refreshed and more bright appearance.
  • Perfect Gift- The Himalayan salt moon lamp is a perfect gift for your yoga or meditation teacher, the dimmer switch helps dim the light and create a softer, more soothing environment, which is optimal for the intense focus needed in meditation and yoga classes, it is also a perfect gift for your friends or family as it is stylish, the crescent moon shape and classic wood base creates an interesting and showy design in the home.
  • Package Includes –  1x Himalayan salt moon lamp – 1x power cable – 1x bulb holder – 1x bulb.
  • Dimensions – 22 cm L x 20 cm W.

After-Sales Service – If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. elissa_18

    The salt lamp is so perfect!!!! I love using it!!!! 🙂

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