LED Light Up Flashing Play Toy for Pet Dogs and Puppies, Squeaking Chew Toy for Canine Pets

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This innovative pet toy is designed to provide endless fun and exercise for your canine companion.

  • Material- PP Plastic, durable, sturdy, Rubber, smooth, flexible, odorless.
  • LED Light Show- This interactive pet toy features a captivating LED light show that activates when your dog starts playing with it. The bright and colorful lights are not only eye-catching but also stimulate your pet’s curiosity, making playtime even more exciting.
  • Squeaky Delight- Dogs love the sound of a good squeak, and this toy delivers! With each playful bite and squeeze, the toy emits a delightful squeak that’s sure to grab your pet’s attention and keep them engaged.
  • Durable and Safe- We understand that pets can be tough on their toys, which is why this chew toy is made from durable, non-toxic materials, it’s built to withstand the rigors of play, ensuring long-lasting fun without compromising your pet’s safety.
  • Size for All Dogs- The LED Light Up Flashing Play Toy comes in a size that’s perfect for all dogs, it’s ergonomic design makes it easy for your pet to carry, toss, and chew, allowing dogs of all sizes to enjoy its benefits.
  • Color- Blue, Purple
  • Size- 16 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm

After-Sales Service- If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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