Metal Clothes Drying Rack, Adjustable and Foldable

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The Metal Clothes Drying Rack is a perfect companion to your daily life in your home space, it most suitable for neat and well-ordered people who wish for their clothes to be crease-free and have that newly ironed feeling to their clothing.

  • Material- Metal, strong and resistant to rust, resistant to corrosion, eco-friendly, non-toxin, food-grade, lead-free, highly durable, anti-shock, safe, breathable and friendly.
  • Features- It is most suitable for everyday use in the home space, the lightweight, portable drying rack can be used in any part of the home space, it is most suited for organizing and drying your clothing as the space between the rack pipes helps a decent circulation of sun or air to reach the clothing and dry them faster, it is a great storage solution for your household wash load, it supportive base prevents against scratching on the floor, the foldable design is greatly helpful for saving storage and makes it easy to carry into different spaces in the home, you can use in your balcony and your outdoor patio, or even indoors when the weather is raining outside, and when you are finished using it, you can fold it down for easier return to the storage room or wherever you wish to place it in your home, it has easy cleaning and maintenance, the smooth surface of the stainless steel makes it easier to wash, just hand wash it, then wipe and clean it for your convenient daily use.
  • Color- Pink
  • Size- See pictures for sizes
  • Quality is guaranteed and ensured by our company.

After-Sales Service – If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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Customer Reviews

6 reviews

6 reviews for Metal Clothes Drying Rack, Adjustable and Foldable

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  1. mohammad_59

    The rack is perfect for drying my clothes and garments!!! it’s super practical!!!!

  2. aashir_18

    Perfectly durable and practical!!!!

  3. alia1989

    Perfect for drying my clothes!!! I love using it!!! 🙂

  4. ibrahim_9765

    I bought it for my sister!!! 🙂 she loves it!!! 🙂

  5. farakhhh18@

    The drying rack is perfect!!! I love using it!!!! 🙂

  6. MillaJo

    Its highly suitable for hanging up my laundry though it’s a little bit small, I wish it had more space for more of my laundry items, but it’s stunning and perfect for everyday usage in my daily household life.

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