4 OZ Plastic, Reusable Popsicle Mold for Kids, Pack of 4

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Share these special, icy moments with your loved ones as you enjoy a homemade frozen treat, enjoy the ice pops in the fun summer times with your friends and children, a great way to enjoy your summertime fun under the sun and enjoy healthy, organic ice pops.

  • Material – BPA-free plastic, food-safe, non-toxic, non-breakage, non-rust, safe, odorless, sturdy, and durable, no plastic taste in popsicles and strong material.
  • Ergonomic Anti-Drip Handle- Reduce sticky hands and lost liquid with the ergonomic anti-drip handles, the base creates a small bowl around the center stick, which collects any drips from melting ice pops, the anti-drip function in the mold snaps over the plastic mold while freezing, so the ice pop is always contained within the bowl for an anti-drip frozen treat.
  • Supportive Mold- Sturdy, firm base does not wobble or tip in the freezer, the base ensures that the ice pop stays upright when it freezes due to the inserts in the base, keeping the pops upright, when removing, run the ice pop under warm water for easy removal.
  • Variety of Frozen Treats- Mix up your favorite flavor combinations in a bowl and pour the mixture into the molds, once you set the mixture in the base and it is filled, gently insert the sticks into the liquid, and place in freezer until mixture is solid.
  • Self-Service Experience- The perfect experience for children is highly suitable for everyday usage, it is perfect and safe for children to use due the easy removal of ice pops from the silicone surface, just peel off the silicone to remove and enjoy a ice-cold treat during the summer.
  • Capacity- Individual Mold- 4 OZ
  • Cleaning- Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, run under warm water to clean.
  • Size- Whole Mold Pack- 12.5  L X 10.5 W, Individual Mold- 7 cm L X 5 cm W

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