Set of 3 Mixing Bowl Set

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The plastic mixing bowls are perfect for your baking and cooking processes in the kitchen, they are highly suitable for making your cake batters, mixing your favorite salad sauces or any form of sauces, they are highly durable and a smooth, capable friend to your cooking or baking escapades in the kitchen.

  • Material- Plastic, B.P.A free, lead-free, durable, corrosion resistant, fall resistant, break resistant, food-safe, safe to use, non-toxic
  • Keeping it Together- Whether you’re making a cake, cookies or a more healthy meal, this mixing bowl will be able to help you keep your ingredients together, the smooth, plastic construction offers stability while you are mixing dense batter or dough.
  • Easy to Mix- Mix in all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal within this bowl, it is constructed from corrosive-resistant plastic to maintain a long term usage.
  • Usable in the Kitchen – Smooth plastic layer in the storage bowls are resistant to corrosion, weathering and other changes so there is no change in durability of your product, they are perfect for mixing, especially mixing cake batters, sauces and even mixing salads too.
  • Easy to Clean- The smooth surface of the plastic is easy to wipe and clean for later re-usage.
  • Size- Please see pictures for sizes

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