Simmer Ring Heat Diffuser with Wooden Handle, 21 cm

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The Simmer Ring Heat Diffuser is highly usable for daily life in the kitchen, it is highly usable for camping trips and outdoor trips too, it is highly usable and durable in any outing.

  • Material- Aluminum, odorless, light-weight, Natural Wood, eco-friendly, strong, durable, safe
  • Electric or Gas Stove Compatible- The lightweight yet heavy duty diffuser with wood handle has perforations that distribute heat directly between pan and burner reducing chances of burning or scorching, it works with electric or gas stoves, fitting over burners / hobs of all sizes and intensities.
  • Suitable for the Kitchen- It is highly suitable for the kitchen, use it in your boiling, your cooking processes, heating your coffee, it has a durable, strong, safe and non-conductive wooden handle
  • Wooden Handle- The wooden handle is safe to handle and safe to use, it is ergonomically smooth to carry and use in your daily kitchen life.
  • Heat Conductive and Durable- This kitchen simmer ring features a good heat conductivity, makes it can easily heat up cookware, the heat diffuser plate is made of durable aluminum, it can last for a long time and is not easily damaged and the wooden handle is non-slip and can provide a good, ergonomic support feeling while you are cooking.
  • Versatile – The diffuser can be used on all cooking surfaces including electric coil, gas burner, glass cook tops, induction cook tops, halogen, barbeque or camping stoves.
  • Easy to Clean– The diffuser is dishwasher safe, the smooth surface of the aluminum is easy to clean.
  • Dimensions- Width- 32.5 cm – Diameter- 21 cm

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