2-Pieces Round Stainless Steel Clog-Proof Toilet Brush Holder with Brush, Space-Saving Bathroom Essential

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The brush is your cleaning friend in the bathroom, use it when you have a difficult time cleaning nitty-gritty dirt or grime with the durability of the brush!

  • Material- Stainless Steel, strong, durable, smooth, durable, lead-free, odorless, safe
  • Deep Cleaning Brush – The durable bristles of the brush can clean the entire toilet bowl without worries, it is effective in removing stains and other dirt around the corner areas that other brushes can’t reach, the stainless steel layer on the handle of the toilet brush has a perfect grip and helps make it durable while you are cleaning!
  • Multifunctional – Get a toilet brush that can clean bathtubs, sinks, and water basins, and the smooth design of the holder can likely to be suited in any bathroom color scheme at any home, apartment, condo, hotel, camper, dorm.
  • Rust-resistant -The stainless steel in the product is so powerful even if it gets wet and there will be liquid left in the holder it can still withstand rust, also our toilet brushes can keep their quality for a long-time!
  • Perfect Design- Accent your bathroom with our perfect combination of finesse and elegance, the smooth design in the holder is uniquely designed using stainless steel painted in a gold and black color, it is crafted with genuine tradition and modern appeal, it perfectly conveys quality and luxury, the piece will soften your bathroom with its lustrous finish.
  • Smooth and Scratch-Free- The holder has a smooth, stainless steel layer not only keeps the handle of the brush strong and scratch-free but also helps it retain shine even after repeated use, so every time you use it, it feels like the first time you are using due to the powerful, sturdy shine of the holder.
  • Color- Black and Gold, White and Gold
  • Size- Height- 38 cm -Diameter-9.5 cm

After-Sales Service- If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact us.

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