Wooden Hooked Handle Ladle with Pouring Rim, Non Slip Utensil for Kitchen and Serveware

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The spoon is your friend in cooking and serving, it’s so easy to use in the kitchen!

  • Material- Wood, smooth, durable, eco-friendly, heat-resistant, sturdy, safe, non-slip, safe.
  • Temperature Resistant- The spoon is made from premium wood material, ensuring the tool will hold up to heavy use in your cookware and cast-iron skillets.
  • Flip, Turn, and Serve- The slotted spoon can be smoothly used beneath food to move it from the pan to the serving dish or cooling rack, the slots drain grease or broth, leaving any drippings in the pan, and the head supports sandwiches, pancakes, and eggs as you flip them in your skillets or pans and move them to the plate to serve or eat
  • Stylish Wooden Handle- The wooden surface of the handle adds style to your kitchen utensils, it is durable and visually striking and allows for a comfortable grip, making this kitchen tool perfect for flipping, turning and transportation from skillet to plate.
  • The smooth turner- The edge of the spoon moves gracefully beneath eggs, pancakes, fish, grilled cheese, cookies, and more, use this pancake flipper for all your stovetop cooking, baking, roasting, and more.
  • Color- brown
  • Size- 32 CM X 8 CM

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