Antique Copper Incense Burner Holder with Lid, for Bakhoor, Sticks, Air Purifier, Oud

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Sometimes you just need to light some bakhoor in the incense burner and relax with a rich scent in your home.

  • Material- High quality brass Copper, non-toxic, fire-proof, odorless, ant-deform, sturdy, durable
  • Windproof Design- The unique windproof lid keep ashes from blowing out by the wind and can hold a relatively large amount of incense ashes and makes your home cleaner with its purifying scent.
  • Easy to Use- It is suitable for different sizes of stick incense, insert the stick and it will stay straight and steady, it can be easily cleaned with water or just wiped for cleanliness, it is super re-usable and practical.
  • Multi-Functional and Durable- You can use it to place a dish incense, a mosquito coil, or even as an ashtrays, it can be even used as a decoration, and it is also very beautiful handicrafts, the holder can be used for religious or meditative purpose as well, the holder is made of high quality Copper, it is sturdy and durable and can be preserved for a comparatively long time.
  • Benefits of Incense Burning- The incense burning can bring you much benefits, such as aiding in sleeping, air, calming the nerves, focusing the attention and relieving fatigue.
  • Perfect Gifts- The holder is a hand-made handicraft and is a perfect gift to someone who loves incense, or simply loves decorative accessories.
  • Contains Small Gourd- Incense burner holder holds your incense sticks or coils and it can also put the incense cone alone.
  • Size- Height 6 cm – Width 9 cm

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