Hammered Stainless Steel French Fry/Appetizer Holder with Angled Top

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For a more fun social gathering with your friends around the table, you need a cool and chic accessory for your tableware, the holder perfectly fits fries, mozzarella sticks, or any other bites you want to place while you celebrating or having fun with loved ones or family.

  • Material- Stainless Steel, B.P.A free, heat-resistant, strong, durable, lead-free, odorless, safe
  • Made of Stainless Steel- This holder that is special for appetizers is constructed of durable stainless steel, a metal that is resistant to corrosion and perfect for commercial kitchen use, the holder is the perfect way to present your heart-warming appetizers, the holder features a gorgeous metal shine to it, use it to serve your favorite snacks, it is easy to move from kitchen to table, and mix and match with other snacks.
  • Use for a variety of servings- The classic metal look with angled top makes it perfect for placing on your table, and it ensures the contents stay inside and don’t fall out, you can use this holder safely in so many ways and it is ideal if you are looking for an appetizer holder to transport your food/snacks, use it to serve french fries, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, crispy popcorn shrimp, and more in the attractive-looking holder.
  • Scratch-Free- The holder has a smooth, stainless steel layer not only keeps the holder scratch-free but also helps it retain shine even after repeated use, so every time you use it, it feels like the first time you are using due to the powerful, sturdy shine of the holder.
  • Space Saving Storage- This reusable cup is easy to store and takes up less space in the kitchen.
  • Easy to Clean- Because it comes with a smooth metal surface, it is easily accessible to clean, the metal does not leech out chemicals and retains its shine through the life of the product.
  • Size- Height- 11 cm – Width- 9.5 cm
  • Color- Silver

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