Stainless Steel Teakettles Infuser Strainer Egg Shaped Tea Locking Spice Ball

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The Stainless Steel Tea Kettles Egg Shaped Infuser Strainer Tea Locking Spice Ball is perfect for straining your favorite tea, your favorite coffee beans, and the excess from spices, place it in your tea infuser, strain your favorite coffee beans, and place your spices so that you can durably remove the excess.

  • Material- Stainless Steel, strong, durable, smooth, odorless, corrosion resistant, rust resistant, residue-resistant, stain-resistant
  • Easy to Seal and Open- The tea infuser ball is easy to seal and open, and it can lock well, it durably prevents excess leakage, it can filter tea leaves, spices, herbs, a simple and worry-free way to infuse spice and flavor into soups, stocks, brines, apple cider & more.
  • Versatile- It fits various mugs, cups, teapots, it is perfect for guests and family, you can also use it for daily cooking when you are placing the spices inside the ball, it is ideal for storing all kinds of loose leaf, herbs and even spice too, it is perfect for all types of usage in your home.
  • Easy to Clean- It is highly easy to clean and wipe off due to the smoot surface of the stainless steel, making it easy to rinse and clean.
  • Size- -Height- 5 cm – Width- 4 cm

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